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Club Polo Shirts (Blue with white trim) $ 35.00

Club Caps (Black) $ 15.00

Lightweight Summer Polo Shirts $ 35.00
Mens: Sky-Blue with white trim or White with Sky-Blue trim
Ladies: White with a pale blue trim

Contact Merchandise Officer: Rose Proctor 5530 6727



June, 2005 With the forth-coming release of the new cross-country BMW HP2 motorcycle, BMW has put together some fancy new off-road gear, and the pick of the bunch is carbon fibre, Kevlar and fibreglass off-road helmet that’s also aerodynamic and aesthetic enough to be seen anywhere. Indeed, we’re predicting that when the helmet becomes available it will be a best seller, particularly if the company decides to fit its Bluetooth and noise cancellation technologies which will enable it to work with a mobile phone and eventually with other Bluetooth devices such as MP3 players and the like. Now there’s a promising thought – imagine trail riding whilst listening to crystal-clear classical music. The new off-road helmet is reconfigurable, and can be used with or without both the visor or the screen and adds to an impressive BMW helmet line-up which also includes the featherweight SportIntegral carbon fibre helmet that weighs just 999 grams.